Hitachi's flat screen masters


While some of the cheaper flatscreens aren’t suitable for high def TV (HDTV), Hitachi’s latest models are apparently fully future proofed for when the format becomes mainstream (at the moment high def’s only really available via European satellite). HDMI and DVI digital inputs are both on board and the sets will also handle HDCP content protection. First up in Hit’s Picture Master range are a 42inch plasma, the 42PD700, and a 32inch LCD, the 32LD7200. Read on for the full specs.

* Three Scart sockets plus component, S-Video and composite inputs
* PC inputs
* 1024 x 1024 ALIS (Alternate Lighting of Surfaces) panel (42PD7200)
* 1366 x 768 Super IPS (In Plane Switching) panel (32LD7200)
* Multi-brand remote control
* Multipicture mode for splitting the screen (view two sources simultaneously)
* Three picture modes (dynamic, natural, cinema)
* Powered swivel stand with 60 degree range
* 1 bit digital amplifier with bass control
* Four audio modes (movie, music, speech, favourite).

Prices to be confirmed.


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  • where can you buy an lcd with hdmi this is the first one i have see so far would like to know were to buy one

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