10 million music downloads on 3

Mobile phones

3’s attracted so much publicity of late for its cheap pay as you go calls that sometimes you forget it’s actually a mobile phone company offering pretty decent 3G applications. Particularly popular, the company tells us, is its video jukebox service which has just racked up 10 million downloads (not as if we’d ever be able to prove otherwise).

‘That’s over 50,000 per day since the service launched’ the press release helpfully tells us. That’s quite impressive especially when you consider there are daytime shows on satellite music that are only watched by the same number of viewers and they’re not paying per download!

3’s top 5 UK video downloaded artists are:
1) Natasha Bedingfield
2) Dizzee Rascal
3) Groove Armada
4) Faithless
5) Kasabian

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