Wireless Bluetooth headphones for iPod at CES

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CES marks a first US outing for the iCombi, a wireless Bluetooth headset designed to work with both iPods and personal CD players.

The AH-10 stereo pair look like fairly bulky headphones but if they work as promised, we’ll nevertheless be very impressed. We will give them a quick audition later.

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  • Kurt,

    I have been looking for the same thing but with no luck. If I find something I’ll let you know. Please do the same for me.


  • I am looking at getting some bluetooth headphones to place inside of my ear muffs that I use at work so I can listen to music while at work. My work really sux, I work in a loud noisy factory with barely any communication needed and yet they don’t allow us to listen to music. I want to be able to modify my ear muffs to still be able to block out the unwanted noise but be able to enjoy listening to soft music as well. I can’t have a wire hanging down from my ears otherwise the wired method I would go so that’s why I am looking into bluetooth. If anyone knows of any smaller sized headphones that run off a smaller type battery like watch size, not AAA, please let me know.

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