Wake up and smell the 'wireless' coffee


Ever dreamt of waking up in the morning, reaching for your smartphone and, with a click of a button, instructing the coffee maker in the kitchen to rustle up a piping hot jug of Viennese blend? No, so it’s just us then? Well the new coffee maker from Beyond, the company best known for its Icebox kitchen-friendly entertainment PC, is almost a dream come true for the TD team, as it can be programmed via a wireless interface controlled by the company’s Home Hub , (a kind of clock radio meets connected appliance control centre). Beyond also has a mîcrowave and a bread maker on their way, which, which while they don’t perform interesting internet related tricks, can be programmed to work to the correct time via scanning in a barcode. There’s no news yet of any price or availability on any of the products but if the Icebox is anything go by the cost of the online kitchen is likely to be pretty high.

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