Time to ditch QWERTY?


The marketing blurb for this New Standard Keyboard is so forceful and confident that we’re almost ready to dump our QWERTY keyboard and go running into the arms of another key layout system. We’ve heard it all before of course, they say they’ll make our life easier, they assure us that QWERTY is slowing us down and holding us back, but when it comes down to it, we’re stuck in our old ways and unwilling to start doing things differently.

Maybe this really is a faster and more accurate keyboard, but for those of us who’ve been typing the same way for years (and some members of the TD team actually have the life skill of touch typing proudly tucked under their belt) the trouble of learning a new layout is almost more bother than it’s worth. The pre-school colour scheme is presumably to help you locate your desired keys on the befuddling new layout, although it’s likely to furnish you with a headache in the process. Still, like we say, the blurb is very convincing, and with keys that are "aligned to the natural movements of the fingers" and only half as many of them, we might just be willing to give it a try.

New Standard Keyboard

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One thought on “Time to ditch QWERTY?

  • Switching to dvorak is not difficult at all for those who mastered qwerty years ago. Once you learn dvorak, going back to qwerty requires hunt-n-peck because your hands forget qwerty the minute they adapt to the more efficient dvorak.

    The product page gives dvorak a bad wrap. Toss qwerty and hunt-n-peck your way into dvorak mastery in just a matter of days.

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