Smiley, happy robots


Not that we have a spare £3000 knocking around, but if we did chances are we’d invest the lot in an irobi from Yujin Robotics.

Quite the cleverest robot at CES irobi is a web based perky-looking android (there’s echoes of R2D2) that does everything from home monitoring to entertaining kids with karaoke nursery rhymes. It can wander round a home allowing its owner to check what is happening through a dedicated website, alternatively if it senses an intruder it can email images to the owner.

It also has video conferencing facilities, can recognise its owner using voice recognition technology and display internet and stored content to entertain your youngster. Most of all it looks pretty cute with its big LED smile.

Yujin also has a robot vacuum cleaner on the way in the Iclebo which uses an intelligent navigation systems (don’t they all) to zip round your home sucking up dirt. It has a much better display than rivals like the Roomba

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