Slingbox heading to the UK


Here’s an interesting new product aimed at people who can’t bear to be without their favourite TV shows. The Slingbox Personal Broadcaster sits under your TV and sends your programme signals out to any internet connected computer, turning it into your own personal TV wherever you are. It works by redirecting the TV signals to your chosen computer and will connect to any cable box, satellite receiver or personal video recorder (PVR), sending the signal via a broadband internet. This means that if you’re in another country and don’t want to miss Corrie, you can get on your laptop and watch it from there. Exactly what the signal will be like once it’s travelled over high speed internet is unclear, but since the box is on its way to the UK in August/September time, we’ll be able to see for ourselves (and it’s out in the US in the next few months). It’s potentially a great little service, though, not least because once you’ve forked out the initial $249 for the box, there’s no additional service fees.


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