SK65 nearly here

Mobile phones

The SK65 will be hitting the shops in the next couple of weeks. Despite countless rumours, Siemens still seems to be committed to the phone market for the time being at least, and the SK65 offers enough innovation to be a big hit. The fold out full size cross-to-type keyboard is the first of its kind, while BlackBerry push email is likely to make it very appealing to business types. Those not bothered about BlackBerry will be able to buy the basic handset which requires the usual logon and download to pick up mail. There will also be the more consumer-friendly BlackBerry service which we’re assuming is the same as the one seen on the 7100 handsets. This doesn’t require a business server to hook up with but, if the 7100 range is anything to go by, it also means you don’t always get immediate push on emails. Worse case scenario, it can be anything to 3 right up to 15 minutes. (Having said that, we’ve always found the 7100s have always been instantaneous).

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