Samsung unveils audio range

MP3 players

Samsung is taking a major crack at the personal audio market with nine new models inducing two 1 Gigabyte flash memory players, a 5 Gigabyte model and its second generation microsoft powered Portable Media Centre.

More details later but the PMC is called the MAP YH-999 and will retail for around $500 (no news on UK availability), while the five Gig MAP YH-820 will ship in January for $229.Samsung also has a pair of hard disk models that come with 260k colour screens for viewing JPEGs and album artwork. Apparently both are named the YH-925 and will be available in 20 and 30 Gigabyte versions.

Pics of all the products here

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One thought on “Samsung unveils audio range

  • Warning! Consider carefully purchasing these Samsung products. They are expensive, complicated to operate, restricted in usage (Napster based mp3, low quality voice recording, very small display for jpeg), so they are basically unusable. My brother has been persuaded into purchasing of Samsung YH-820 mp3 player (high quality and simplicity in usage) by the salesman. Now he has only very expensive usb disc. Now he feels cheated, because that shop is far abroad and it is very difficult for him to claim.

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