Projector with built-in DVD player

Home cinema

We’re not sure what the quality will be like, but Optoma’s Movie Time Player is a nice little idea. The small box is a data projector with a built in DVD player and speakers. It’s got a short throw lens that allows users to get a 64-inch screen from just 5-feet away. The resolution is 840 x 480 pixels. We’re guessing that the built-in speakers won’t be up to much (although it’s handy way to transport a whole home entertainment unit about if you can’t bear to be without it on holiday or something) but you can plug the unit into an optical output for 5.1 surround sound system. There’s also an input for cable or satellite TV. The projector costs $1499. It’ll be out in the US around June time and should be out in the UK sometime in August. UK pricing is yet to be set.

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