Porsche gets into DAB


Eton Radios have hooked up with Porsche Design to create its latest two DAB radios. They certainly look different to the usual DAB fare, but whether you like them or not really depends on how much you like big silver circles. For our part, we’re rather partial to them, so the goggle-eyed look is working for us. There are two different versions available – the P1731 for leaving on your sideboard, and the P1732 for carrying to cricket matches, sunbathing sessions and other outdoor events that require radios.

The P1732 is only 2cm deep, while the P1731 comes with two full-range speakers and a powered subwoofer. Recommended manufacturer prices are £99.99 for the P1732 and £149.99 for the P1731 – not cheap, but that’s what happens when you get Porche Design in on the act. They’ll be out in May 2005.


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