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Fancy cuddling up to your loved one while divvying around with your expenses docs? No me neither, but for those who really can’t bear to be parted from their significant others for more than just a second, Bluebroc has announced the C-Station, a weirdo kind of sofa for PC loving couples.

The theory is that they can curl up together while watching a DVD, or downloaded movie which is displayed on the LCD screen integrated into the sofa’s side. The design also incorporates space for those other little essentials like a remote control, phone and take-out Pizza.

Obviously there’s housing for your PC or Mac too. Apparently the chair came (in a vision?) to its inventor Paul Tasker as he motorcycled across Australia. ‘Sitting on the bike, I dreamt of comfort. By the time I crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge the concept for the ‘C-Station’ was formed.’ We know what you mean Paul. We have similar epiphanies while trying to get a seat on the 73 bus. There’s no word on price and availability, but you can check out the website here.

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