Navman gets into sports gear


GPS specialist, Navman, has done a bit of branching out and come up with this range of sports kit designed to appeal to active types. The company’s decided to keep it all very simple with colour coding, creating GPS Sports Tools that are tailored to specific sporting activities. The lowest-priced unit, is the Inline Skaters’ unit, costing £79. It provides speed and distance information, and has a special alarm that will let you know when your speed drops below a designated rate. The other units are for Walkers (£89), Runners (£99) and Alpine (Snowboarding and Skiing, £119). There’s also a Marine version on its way for windsurfers and water sports enthusiasts. They all have similar features, but these are slightly tweaked depending on the pastime.

Runners get pacing and lap timers, walkers get calore usage info, while the Skiiers benefit from the most advanced info, with downhill distance to let you exactly how much actual skiing you’ve done in a in a day out.

The units have been designed to be worn on the upper arm, which is apparently a bit of a USP for GPS sports gear. They’re accurate to within 10-20m over 1000 metres and will be available in sports shops from February onwards. Incidentally, if you don’t like the allotted colour of your chosen GPS Sports Tool, you can get add-on clips to change colours.

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  • I recieved a w300 as a gift from Mercury Marine about six months ago,and i started to walk four miles five times a week.I found the w 300 a great toolbut now the crystals failed or they are failing,i recieved no paperwork when the gift was recieved.I was wondering if anything could be down as using this unit has me spoiled me,thank you for reading this not

    Yours J Campbell

  • When Timex first released the Speed and Distance systems, they partnered with Garmin to provide GPS technology. Then Garmin became a competitor by releasing the Forerunner. So Timex moved on to a new partnership with Navman. Now, Navman is a competitor. Its quite funny, actually.

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