Multi-room iPods

Wireless home

CES witnessed a couple of neat innovations from Sonance, the company which has probably more than any other worked the hardest to integrate the Apple iPod into multi room home audio systems. Last year the company unveiled the iPort, an in wall docking station for the Apple player that enabled it to be integrated into a multi room set up. This year the company has added the key missing feature – remote control, so users can now check out the iPod’s playlists without having to leave their arm chairs. To do this though they need to invest in a NaviPod IR receiver.

Sonance has also tweaked its in wall docking system to enable it to output the images stored on an iPod Photo player to screens throughout the home. Sounds great in theory, but like many multi room products the iPort doesn’t come cheap. US prices are in the region of $600 and there’s no details yet on any UK availability. More here.

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