Meet Robosapien's big brother (ulp)


Last year at CES we got our first glimpse of the Robosapien, that kung-fu kicking, farting robot that become top of every 12 year old’s Christmas wishlist. This time round Robo’s creators Wowee have gone completely bonkers unveiling three new models including, wait for it, Robo’s big brother, Robosapien V2 and a dinosaur to chase him round your lounge. Ten inches taller than the original version, Robosapien has also learned a whole lot of new tricks including the ability to pick up, drop and throw objects. He can also bend over and twist from side to side, so he can now sit, bend, lie down and stand up.

Robo V2 has also mastered a few Sony Aibo type tricks and can interact with his surroundings. Robosapien’s V2 moving eyes with blue LED lights can detect obstacles, track movements and take objects handed to him, and scariest of all the robot can now talk.

Robo V2, which goes on sale in September priced at around $200, has also got a few new chums to bully. Roboraptor is a 23inch long remote controlled dinosaur designed to hunt. Once he seen or feels the presence of a person, the raptor is on his or her tail. He’ll cost $99 when he goes on sale in September. Finally Robosapien V2 has a new buddy in the guise of the Robopet. He walks, crawls, sits down and stands up, runs and jumps, and can perform an array of pet tricks including lying down, rolling over, begging and howling. His owners can even take him for walkies.

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