iPod speakers take two

MP3 players

It seems that just about every hi-fi speaker manufacturer is eyeing up your iPod. Quicker off the block than most was Altec Lansing whose inMotion was one of the first dedicated systems for the Apple player.

At CES Altec unveiled the next gen iPod-friendly system in the guise of the iM3. The company hasn’t messed with the format too much, just improved the quality of the speaker and added a remote control. It’ll go for $180 when it debuts in late summer.

There’s also a version of the system compatible with the iPod mini not surprisingly called iMmini. It goes on sale in summer for $130.

If you have another MP3 player and not, splutter, splutter an iPod, there’s the iM4 which goes on sale in the US in February for around $130. It is just a guess, but expect the systems to hit the UK at roughly the same time.

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