Internet phone calls from your normal phone

Wireless home

Actiontec is touting something called the Internet Phone Wizard which apparently enables your existing landline to make and receive those free internet phone calls via Skype Technologies. Previously you would have needed two separate phones. The company claims that the device also improves on the somewhat wonky sound quality of internet made calls and that if you have two phones you can make an internet call on one and additional landline call on the other at the same time.

To activate this internet phone you simply plug the small-ish Internet Wizard box into both your phone and your PC. The only problem is that if you have your PC in one room and the phone in the other you’ll have to wire a connection between the two. Nevertheless this sounds like a breakthrough to us and for just $70 it has to got to be worth a try when it launches later in the month. Actiontec has a growing presence in the UK so expect to see the wizard pop up on our shores later in the year.

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