Archos reinvents PVP as a PDA

Personal video players

So the PDA is dead? Well not yet apparently, for if Archos gets its way it’ll return as a variant of the personal video player. At CES the French based company confirmed that its next generation of personal video players, the PMA400 will also feature PDA type functionality. New facilities are likely to include internet access via Wi-Fi, a touch screen and synchronisation with a range of microsoft applications. The devices, which are likely to reach the stores in the summer, run using a Linux based operating system. This is of course in addition to current PVP staples such as MP3, JPEG and MPEG compatibility, a 3.5inch LCD display and a hard disk.

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One thought on “Archos reinvents PVP as a PDA

  • Fantastic piece of equipment. I’ve had it for 3 weeks now and its been supurb. Its only flaws are its size and its weight, not that its massive it just wont fit in your jeans too well and i’m worried I could damage it. Its a little bit heavy too but lets face it, for what this device can do they’re only minor problems. The LCD quality is very good, better than I thought it would be and its also very easy to use. There so many feaures with it that I could go on all day. Although the price may be a stumbling block take into account the price of an ipod (ipod Photo 40GB is like €600!) and compare its list of features, you will see the AV400 is quite simply far better. So if your mind is not made up my advice is to go for it! Go on you deserve it!!

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