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Vodafone may have some rather nice handsets in its 3G portfolio, but since you’ll have to fork out around £200 for them on pay-as-you-go they’re suddenly looking rather less appealing. Good job 3’s on hand to offer you a deal you can’t refuse, then. The company’s already gained a reputation for its splendid value tariffs and now it’s got a deal going with The Carphone Warehouse that means you can get hold of a Pay As You Go 3G Motorola C975 for £29.99. To get the deal you just need to purchase £15 of airtime with the handset, so it’s still only costing you £44.99.

The phone itself is a pretty basic one, but it’s got all the stuff you need – VGA camera with digital zoom, MP3 player, video streaming capabilities and speakerphone. Full marks to 3 for this one.

The Carphone Warehouse

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