Now that's what we call a roaming agreement


Speaking of Wi-Fi on transport services, Vodafone has just announced a deal with Boeing Connexion that allows Voda customers to use the in-flight wireless service. Charges will be made to the customers’ Vodafone bills, but you’d better be ready to pay through the nose, with Connexion charging $29.95 for long-haul flights, $19.95 for 3-6 hour trips, and $14.95 for short journeys. You then get unlimited access for the duration of the flights. Alternatively, you can pay $9.95 for 30 minutes and 25 cents a minute after that. It’s currently a trial service, with a proper agreement possibly in the pipelines in the coming months. Those interested can find the service predominantly on Lufthansa long-haul flights from Europe. Others offering the service include Japan Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines and Singapore Airlines.


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