LG and Samsung in mega pixel phone scrap

Mobile phones

Samsung and LG. Both seem to be taking the words of Annie Get Your Gun’s ‘Anything I can do you can do a better a little’ a bit too literally, for after scrapping for the world’s biggest plasma screens the pair are now getting all fitey about who can add  the most mega pixels to a mobile phone camera.

Samsung took the lead with its five mega pixel SCH-S250. Now however LG has fought back telling Korean journalists that a six, or maybe even a seven mega pixel camera phone is on the cards. The module for the camera will be supplied by Canon.

three mega pixels is surely going to be enough for most phone users. Besides snappers will need huge hard disks on their phone to store all those enormous images. Surely the Korean ought to be getting their R and D teams to work on improving image processors, lens, flashes etc.

Still can’t beat a good scrap though.

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