Kwik Save's super cheap HD Player

MP3 players

As Shiraz at the Mirror rightly points out, more attractive music players exist in this world than Medion’s hard disk Jukebox, but not many of them cost just £100. 2.5GB of storage and 9 hours’ battery life makes this a pretty fair deal as far as we can tell – but who knows what that UI’s like to operate.

Also, it does mean venturing into Kwik Save and we haven’t done that since we were students looking for super-sized bags of Flumps.


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One thought on “Kwik Save's super cheap HD Player

  • i have just bought an mp3 player from your store and i am concerned because a few problems have accered. there is a faulty connection with the headset and the screen is broken and it does not read some songs sometimes. i have still got the garantee and i have only had it for a week can i get a new one. thank you

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