Doggie Doorbell


Don’t leave your poor dog out in the cold this winter – not when there’s a Pet Doorbell in this world. Shut your poor, hapless dog out in the garden to do its business on your lawn and pooch just has to press the pad on the floor to ring the bell. Another option, as retailer I Want One of Those rightly points out, is to put the doorbell inside the house and the dog can ring the bell when it wants to be let out. First you’ve got to figure out how to train the dog to step on the doorpad, however. No mean feat since it’s likely to resent you for being too lazy to take it out for a walk in the first place.

£24.99 from IWOOT

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One thought on “Doggie Doorbell

  • Just out of intrest, but HOW ON EARTH is the dog supposed to know that its a door bell??!? I know some dogs are smart but thats just bonkers.

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