Britain's Cheapest iPod Rival

MP3 players

It seems that the people at Apple weren’t best pleased about AnexTEK using the word "pod" for the CoCoPod. The player’s now been re-christened the GP-2000, which is less memorable but also, we suppose, more sensible. Not sure why they couldn’t have just kept the CoCo bit though – we’re tired of names made up of random letters and numbers. The 20GB player is a very reasonable £140 (down from £240) and while it’s on the wrong side of chunky, we were pretty impressed with it when we had a go.

[Edit: Managed to write that whole story without actually giving any specs. Aside from the 20GB memory, the player has a blue backlit display, an SD/MMC card reader and an FM radio. It supports MP3, WAV and WMA file formats.]


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