B&O's BeoVision 7


We’ve seen the BeoVision 7 in operation and it’s got all the super-swanky features a rich person could possibly require. The people presenting the 32-inch TV were at pains to show us how beautifully finished it was, with all the metal brushed in the same direction. It’s the little things, you see. Forget about the sleekly hidden DVD player under the screen, or the large built in speakers along the bottom that go up way past 11, we were sold on the motorised stand that moves your TV to your favoured viewing position at the touch of a button; the adjustable screen that glides every which way with the merest persuasion; and the colour screen that reacts to light, altering the picture settings accordingly.

Anyone got a spare £6k they could lend us?

Bang & Olufsen

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