Apple and Band Aid make up

MP3 players

Looks like Band Aid and Apple have managed to reach an agreement over the whole downloading debacle. iTunes is now selling the single for 79p just like all its other singles, but will make up the rest of the money by donating a further 70p for every single sold. There, that saves everyone having to back down, doesn’t it.

Meanwhile, The Register’s reporting on a website that helps you get out of your quandary over whether to buy the Band Aid 20 single or not. Universally panned (as was the first version if we recall), the single is, nevertheless, for a good cause. To ease the pain of buying bad music, Band Aid Dilemma is encouraging everyone to buy as many copies of the single as they can afford and then destroy the CDs in an amusing fashion. Probably best not to try doing the same with downloaded music files, though.

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