Vodafone Vs 3 – Head to Head

Mobile phones

Our very own Ashley Norris has been hard at work fiddling about with 3G handsets to bring you a head-to-head comparison of the two UK 3G services currently available. Vodafone and 3 are pretty even when it comes to handsets – Voda may have the natty Sony Ericsson V800 and the impressive Sharp V902, but not all the range is available yet, and 3 does a pretty good line in LG handsets as well as the tiny new NEC e338 and the Moto A1000. Tariffs are cheaper from 3, but there’s more limits on them – 3’s better for pay-as-you-go though as Voda’s handsets are too pricey. Content’s pretty comparable and network coverage difference will be negligible this time next year. So, it’s pretty much down to which advertising campaign you prefer.

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