Toshiba's latest DVD Recorders

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We’ve now got more episodes of Crime Scene Investigation (Miami and Las Vegas – we don’t discriminate) saved onto our Digital Video Recorder than we could ever hope to watch. Time, perhaps for us to invest in a DVD recorder to burn all those programmes onto disk for viewing in our dotage. Toshiba’s latest DVD recorders are just the ticket. The D-VR3 is both a DVD Recorder and a VCR. You can record in DVD RAM, -RW, and -R formats. The “timeslip” function means you can user Chase TV and Pause TV functions. Or, to translate, you can start watching a programme from the beginning at any stage during recording, and can pause broadcasts to continue watching after you’ve made the tea or gone to the loo, or whatever it is you’re doing. The DR3 is a standalone DVD Recorder that also comes with the timeslip function.


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