Text Tony today

Mobile phones

O2’s gets the benefit of a fantastic publicity stunt today. From 1pm you’ll have the chance to text Tony Blair to ask him a question. He’ll be texting people back with his answers. The session will be transmitted live from Number 10 and will go on for 45 minutes. You can start texting now on 80202 and can ask about anything you fancy – including fox hunting, gambling, the Iraq war and the smoking ban. If you want to join in the chat you can go to the O2 Active Chatroom to read Tony’s answers.

Tony said, "every week I take questions from MPs. This is the chance for everyone else to use their mobile phones to ask me the questions they want answered."

You can send normal texts or picture messages (remember, it’s neither big nor clever to text Tony pictures of your backside people. Imagine what your mother would say). We’re not sure if Tony’s well-versed in txt spk, but it will be interesting to see him try to explain what happened to those WMDs in less than 160 characters.


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