Telewest Shiny Awards Part II

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You may be wondering why our fantastic awards are called the Telewest Broadband Shinys rather than the Telewest Broadband Tech Digest awards. Well, wonder no more. First, Telewest Broadband Shinys sounds better; second, our sister site Shiny Shiny got its own list of nominations together as well.

Keep reading for more *lady*-focused categories. Games Digest has also got its own award for best game. Nominations after the jump.

Shiny award for bling

Siemens SL65 Escada
Jens of Sweden MP-400
Gold Gameboy
Vertu mobile phone
Sony Qualia

Shiny award for handbag-friendly mobile

Siemens SL65
Panasonic X500
Motorola RAZR
Siemens SL55
NEC e338
Sony Ericsson V800


Shiny award for shameless pink-ness

Pink Fondue Set
iPod mini
Pink Tivoli DAB radio
Hello Kitty Bluetooth headset

Shiny award for best retro gadget

BenQ Monitor
Roberts DAB radio
Nokia 7280

Kyocera Contax i4r

Shiny award for gadget fashion accessory

Knomo laptop bags
AcmeMade laptop bags
iRiver N10

AcmeMade MacAttire iPod mini cases
Swarovski mobile phone charm
Exspect leather iPod mini carry case

Shiny icon of the year award

Walkers pedometer
Sky+ box by Matthew Williamson
Sushi USB key
Motorola RAZR
Canon Digital Ixus i5
iPod mini

Games Digest Game of the Year

Burnout 3: Takedown (PS2 and Xbox)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)
Half-Life 2 (PC)
Halo 2 (Xbox)
Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (PC, PS2 and Xbox)

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