Philips gets into the PC market

Computers, Wireless home

More signs of convergence in the home computing/home entertainment market. Philips has gone and released a home computer in association with Dixons. Apparently, it’s "a further step forward in realising [Philips’] Connected Planet vision" which sounds like something a dictator would say, but with home entertainment instead of neighbouring countries.

The Philips Freeline PC range has all the necessary wireless technology and pre-configuration to make it fit snugly into Philips Streamium wireless, broadband entertainment devices. This means you can run your music, video content, photos, games and Internet access throughout the house.

The Freeline range consists of four desktops and two laptop models available through the Dixons Group. All machines come with Intel Pentium 4 processors and Pentium Ms for the laptops, Wireless g and Windows XP. The beefed up LS2000 runs on Windows Media Centre, has a 17-inch TFT monitor, over 1GB of DDR RAM and 250GB Serial ATA hard drive. The laptops are called the X10 and the X20, which will delight Samsung.

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