Panasonic Digital Cameras


Panasonic’s latest two digital cameras are upgrades of the company’s previous DMC-FX1 and DMC-FX5 LUMIX models. The DMC-FX2 (pictured) is a 4-megapixel snapper, with a 3x optical zoom, while the DMC-FX7 comes with 5-megapixels and also includes a 3x optical zoom.

Like their predecessors, the DMC-FX2 and DMC-FX7 come with Panasonic’s Mega Optical Image Stabiliser (Mega OIS), which apparently means photos taken in natural, low-light situations will come out just dandy. As with the Nikon models below, the Mega OIS also helps reduce the influence of shakey hand DTs, reducing the problem of blurring.

They’ve also both got nice large LCD preview screens – the FX2’s is a 2-inch panel and the FX7’s is 2.5 inches. The DMC-FX2 and DMC-FX7 are available now, with RRPs of £299.99 and £349.99 respectively.


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