Jabra's latest Bluetooth headset

Mobile phones

Jabra’s BT800 will be out at the end of this month with a street price of £99.99. The company’s latest headset comes with all sorts of fancy features, including a choice of ringtones, vibrate mode and noise reduction courtesy of the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) feature that helps to improve audio quality in windy or noisy environments. The design is a bit of a change for Jabra, which usually goes for the over ear loop design (that’s not its official name, that’s just what we call it) and the headset weighs just 25g, making it nice and lightweight. The built in LED display is a bit of an odd addition, providing you with caller ID info. Why you’d need that when the headset is in your ear is anyone’s guess, but it does mean you can pick who you pick up to when the headset’s sat on a car seat or something.


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