Goodmans Personal Entertainment System

Personal video players

Following on from Goodmans’ GPDR1 budget video player, the GPDR40 is the company’s higher-end addition to the PVP market. The GPDR40 Personal Entertainment System has 40GB of storage on its hard drive, which is enough room for up to 200 hours of TV recording. This can thankfully be done directly from the TV, and there’s also an SD/MMC slot for memory expansion and data transfer. As you’d expect, the PVP can be used for MP3 playback and picture viewing, and there’s also a calendar that you can synch with Outlook. The colour screen is 3.6 inches and the unit can be plugged into the mains or powered using the battery. It’ll be available on the high street from January, with prices still TBC.

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  • i just brought a secondhand one of these and im sorry to say its a let down for one reason …the software it takes about 2 to 3 hours to encode a 45 minute divx to the players ONLY suported format .asf (a specific type at that) i have heard theres a third party programme for converting to the format it supports but after 8 hours of googling and trying this that and the other i have no idea what software is working if anyone can email me an idiots guide to a 3rd party software i`d be ..well u`d be in my christmass list for the next decade !

  • I am tring to get dvds that in have converted in wmv and avi’s to go on to my gpdr40 is there outthere that can help

  • i have a goodmans 15inch led tv.every time i turn tv on after 1 minit the screen goes white.please could you tell me whats wrong thankyou


  • Could somebody please send a non-technical woman instructions on how to set up a TV to get the DVD menu on the screen. Its a Goodmans GDVD300R?

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