Fossil's PDA watches make a come back


It feels like we’ve been writing Fossil PDA watch stories for most of our adult lives. The company has announced the launch of a Palm OS-based watch pretty much every year since we can remember (well, since Nov 2002 – we have short memories) only to slink quietly away again without actually releasing the watches. The Register has been keeping a beady eye on the company website, however, and it seems that the PDA watches are back. The three Wrist PDA designs are Sport, Dress and Casual and the specs include 2MB of RAM, 2MB of Flash memory, 33MHz Motorola Dragonball VZ processor and 160 x 160-pixel greyscale LCD.

As The Reg points out, the blurb on the site says that the next line of PDA and PDA/PC watches will be arriving later this year.

Fossil [Via The Register]

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