Ergonomic Laptop Stand


Fantastically important as they make you look in coffee shops, laptops aren’t much fun to work on day in day out. With the Ergo Station from PORT you can raise your laptop up on its pedestal to get the screen up to the right height. Presumably, you won’t want to attempt using the keyboard in this position, but the Ergo Station has also been designed to act as a dock so you can plug in USB devices such as a keyboard and mouse and leave them plugged in when you take your laptop out. The company has also come up with the CoolStand, which raises your laptop off the table to keep the air flowing round it so it doesn’t overheat, and the LapDesk which is a lighter, more portable version for travelling laptops. We like the neat little extra bit on the LapDesk for using your mouse.


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  • Hello, I looked at the Ergo Station USB, but in the end I opted for a LaptopEasel (, as it was cheaper and is a lot more adjustable and slides on your desk. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it’s great.

    Thats my 2 cents worth!



  • hi,
    i am femi ajibola, i will like to buy 6 np 2300 series or any brand, & let me know if u ship to nigria with the prices.

  • I happened to stumbled across this site, and for anyone interested, I’m using a Keynamics laptop stand right now and I love it! The Keynamics stand is the only stand that actually lowers the keyboard properly – highly recommended!

    No, I do not work for Keynamics….. 🙂

  • New Laptop Stand On Wheels coming your way soon?

    Keynamics LLC has just launched it’s ergonomic laptop stand with wheels.

    The patented stand raises the laptop screen and functionally lowers (and separates) the keyboard at the same time by allowing reclining in your chair.

    You can even roll the whole thing out of the way when not needed. It has skateboard wheels!

    The laptop stand on wheels allows for rolling around the desktop, allows reclining and neutral postures. No more hunching over your laptop!

    Thank you for your consideration.

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