Electronics Boutique BlueSpam

Mobile phones

American shoppers can look forward to receiving spam when they go out shopping during the Christmas period. Walk past any Electronics Boutique stores in the US during the Christmas shopping period and you might want to switch off the Bluetooth on your phone. The company is planning on BlueSpamming any unsuspecting passers-by who go within 30 feet of its Bluetooth kiosks. The messages will ask shoppers if they’d like to access game content. The in-store kiosks are providing downloadable content, including games and trailers. Lucky for us EB seems to have died a death in the UK. We’re always hearing stories about how shoppers get spammed in Bluewater mega shopping centre by all and sundry, but we’ve never experienced it first hand. That’s probably because we don’t hate life enough to ever go to Bluewater.

[Via Blueserker]
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