3 nabs NEC's smallest ever 3G phone

Mobile phones

Alas it seems that the days of gargantuan 3G phones with their huge batteries and chunky clams are gone forever. For even low-end 3G handsets are getting smaller. 3 has just announced the imminent launch of the NEC e338 clamshell, which it claims is the smallest 3G phone on sale anywhere.

Aimed at the lower-end of the market and sold ostensibly to pre-pay customers, the e338 is actually pretty much the same phone as the current NEC low-ender, the e616v, yet shoehorned into a neat clamshell.

The handset does all the usual 3G tricks; person to person video calling, access to 3’s portal with all those cool music and footy downloads, MP3, AAC and even WMA playback, and it even allows users to check out POP3 email.

It is wrapped in a stylish shell and crucially boasts battery life of 180 hours standby and 2 hours and 30 minutes talk time.

We think it could give 3’s champion handset the LGs a run for their money.

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