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You’d think that all you need from a universal remote control is the ability to be able to control all your various silver boxes in the house with one single device. Not so, apparently, it’s a whole lot more complicated than that, as RTI has pointed out. Its T2+ Universal System Conroller will set you back a hefty £446 – and that’s without all the numerous add-ons that will turn it into a high-end professional control system.

The T2+ comes with a USB port 256KB of memory and a rechargebale lithium-polymer battery. It’s part touch screen, part normal buttons and it can control pretty much everything in you house – from audio systems and projectors, to blinds and lights. There’s an LCD display that shows custom buttons, text, graphics and scrolling lists and the controller can either be supplied pre-programmed or you can programme it yourself using the Windows-based Theatre Touch Designer Software.


Details of the add-ons follow

(from press release)

RP-6 Remote Control Processor (£446): provides advanced control and automation of any size home cinema system. Unlike simple IR-to-RF converters, the RP-6 stores all of the system’s commands where they should be – within a central controller at the equipment rack.

SPS-1 Video Sync Power Sensor (£58): monitors the on and off status of most video components and provides power status information to RTI control systems, without the need of additional power supply.

CM-232 Serial Communication Module (£58): provides RS-232 interface to almost any RS-232 enabled device. It attaches to an RTI control system on one end and a DB-9 serial port connector to the other.

VPS-1 Voltage Power Sensor (£58): monitors the on and off status of most electronic components. It connects to the output ports of the RTI control system and provides it with power status information.

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