T-Mobile ramps up business Wi-Fi/3G offering

Mobile phones

T-Mobile went launch crazy yesterday unveiling a slew of new handsets, announcing a new Wi-Fi roaming deal with BT OpenWorld and promising 3G handsets on the streets before Christmas.

Under the banner of ‘office in your pocket’ the network gave details of a roaming agreement for its Wi-Fi services with BT OpenWorld. T-Mobile was one of the pioneers of the Wi-Fi hot spot in the UK partnering Starbucks. With BT OpenWorld’s hot spots on board T-Mobile subscribers now have access to 1,900 sites in the UK and over 10,500 worldwide.

In tandem with the announcement T-Mobile unveiled a second data card for laptops – the Fusion card. Unlike its first 3G card the Fusion card has integrated Wi-Fi as well as 3G and GRPS facilities. The company also released new hot spot pricing. On prepay users can now get 15 minutes for a pretty reasonable £1.50, an hour for a fiver and a day for £13. If you have a 3G data card it is £70 per month for 3G.GPRS and Wi-Fi providing you don’t exceed one Gigabyte of data.

More on T-Mobile’s new handsets and its 3G strategy for consumers later this afternoon.

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