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It’s not often that you hear technology companies actually bragging that they’ve produced the largest of something. That’s just what Denon is doing, however. The company’s AVC-A1XV (or The Behemoth, as it’s been affectionately nick-named) is a 10.2 AV and Multi-Room Receiver which, as the largest, heaviest and most powerful receiver available, apparently means it’s also the best one ever made. And with a target price of around £4000 it would have to be pretty damn special .


Details from the press release:

  • 16 Channel Multi-Zone Audio & Video
  • 10 x 170 rms watt power amps
  • One full 9.1-channel surround sound system in a single room
  • Two discrete 5.1-channel systems in different rooms
  • A 7.1-channel system in the main zone, a 2.1-channel system in
    a 2nd room and a mono system in a 3rd room
  • An audiophile-oriented ‘bi-amp’ mode, with two amplifiers
    used for each front, left, right and centre speakers for a full
    5-channel system, delivering maximum power and performance.

Astonishing new MultEQ system
Up to EIGHT! individual listening seats are simultaneously
corrected in real-time – all seats are good seats

  • MultEQ XT room correction and calibration technology is the first
    such technology capable of minimizing the effects of room acoustics
    for multiple listeners.

  • HDMI V1.1 and DVI switching and routing

  • HDTV Switching
  • HDMI inputs x 3 plus HDMI Monitor Out x 1
  • DVI inputs x 1 plus DVI Monitor Out x
  • Firewire Inputs x 2
  • Denon Link 3
  • RS 232 x 2 front and back panel
  • Ethernet x 2
  • 6 high-bandwidth (100 MHz) HDTV-compatible component inputs
  • PC setup input – front panel
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