The end of annoying voice mails

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Don’t you just hate it when your mobile phone is clogged up with wingeing old voice mails from your boss, partner, gym instructor, plastic surgeon etc? And how annoying is it when someone leaves a message with a number and you don’t have a pen handy to write it down? Well UK company SpinVox has come up with a tidy solution. Its new product, the imaginatively titled SpinVox, is a system that converts all your voice mails whether they be from mobile or land line, to text. You can then receive the aforementioned moans by text message, or if you are feeling brave, e-mail.

We have been trialling the system for a few days now and can report the following. Firstly that that certain members of the Tech Digest team can barely string a sentence together (but hey you knew that) and secondly that it does actually work with texties popping up on our mobile a few minutes after the message was left. We even tried it with a few naughty words and it nearly got them right too.

If the message is in a foreign language or too noisy to translate you have the option of listening to it by voice.

The only downside is that it isn’t exactly cheap working out at between 18-25p a message which is probably a little pricier than accessing your voicemail. If you fancy a go SpinVox is offering a week’s free trial. You can either sign on at the website or pop down to your favourite High street phone store.

Check it out here

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