Sauna cooker


It seems it isn’t just the Brits and the Yanks who are supersizing. Apparently even the Japanese – who other than the odd Sumo are traditionally among the slimmest people on Earth – are piling on the pounds.

Fortunately Sharp has come to the rescue with the AX-HC1 the first ever electric super heated steam oven. Instead of coating their Yorkshire Puds (or rather Kobi Beef steaks) in oil and roasting them Japanese consumers can acheive a similar effect with the AX-HC1 by blasting them with superheated steam.

Even better for healthy food eaters the cooker also reduces the amount of fat and salt in any given dish. The cooker doesn’t just roast either. It can be used for grilling, steaming and even defrosting.

There’s a possibility that European consumers will get the chance to superheat their food, but according to Sharp in the UK it probably won’t be for at least a year or so.

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