Samsung's mega pixel camera phone slider

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Must admit to not being too taken with Samsung’s first mega pixel camera phone the SGH-D415. Although it has a brilliant screen and that ever so fashionable pull down flaps as pioneered by Siemens, it was short of a few features and its camera wasn’t quite as good as it rivals.

The company is obviously listening as it has just launched the SGH-D500, an enhanced version of the D415 that rights a few of those wrongs. The handset, which is finished in black, features a mega pixel camera with an integrated flash and a 7xz digital zoom. Images it takes displayed on its 176×220 pixel TFT LCD unit in 262,000 colours.

Other features include Bluetooth, an MP3/AAC player and storage of 80MB – significantly more than rival handsets. There is however no storage card slot.

It goes on sale in November with prices from free to £70 apparently via most networks.

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