Robbie Williams gets his cards

Mobile phones

There’s something of a rift at TD towers at the moment over today’s launch of the Robbie Williams Greatest Hits album. While some of the crew have been know to serenade their loved-ones with the chorus of Angels and have even spluttered their way through karaoke versions of the rap in the middle of Supreme others argue that Robster was never the same after he stopped being the supersized member of Take That.

Still, digital music lovers can make their own minds up for the album is set to become the first ever in the world to be released not just on CD and vinyl, but also on MMC memory card.

Available exclusively through The Carphone Warehouse the card, which is compatible with most high-end Nokias, apparently has all the tracks in CD like quality and is deigned to slip neatly into a person’s mobile phone.

While we welcome such innovation, surely it would make more sense to buy the CD, rip it to MP3 and then transfer it to a blank card. Sure users might have to buy a smart card reader, but aren’t these now essential items for any camera phone owner.

Also will you be able to transfer the tracks from the card on to a PC? Carphone doesn’t know.

Now where did we leave those tiger pants?

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