Philips Defibrillator on sale on Amazon


Home health gadgets seem to be the next big movement for technology. Over in America (so soon, no doubt, over here) people are starting to kit out their homes with the latest emergency gear in the hope of cheating death before the ambulance crew even arrives. Kit such as the Philips Defibrillator has got to be good news for isolated communities, businesses and any hard-to-reach campsites and the like. But, stuff like this is also selling to individuals who have no reason to believe they’ll be needing it any time soon (just check out the first review by the guy who has no family history of heart disease and a clean bill of health). So expect to see third bedrooms changing from “The Study” into “The Emergency Room” in no time as manufacturers start to release the full range of resuscitation regalia for the home. And if you can afford it, why not? What price hypochondria health, eh?

Philips Defibrillator

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