Music downloads from a phonebox?

MP3 players

Now that everyone’s got a mobile phone, hardly anyone uses phone boxes anymore – except as toilet facilities of course. BT says that 60% of its 70,000 phone boxes lose money and the company hasn’t built any new ones since 2001. Now, in an effort to stave off their inevitable demise, BT has taken a leaf out of Madonna’s book and is going for a radical reinvention. The company is apparently in talks with “a leading provider of digital music content” to work out a deal that would see its 12,000 internet connected Information Kiosks turned into music download stations. The service would be for anyone with an iPod (so guess the “leading provider of digital music content”) and users will be able to pay for downloads via a credit or BT charge card. The service could be in full swing as early as next year.


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