Loo Light


To quote the website blurb: “Guys, is the girl in your life always complaining that she has to go paddling after you’re been to the loo in the middle of the night? Does she moan when she falls into the toilet because you left the seat up during the evening?” While there’s probably fewer things funnier than the sight of someone falling into a toilet bowl in their nightie, Gadgets.co.uk is planning to foil any night time toilet troubles with the Lav-Nav night light. The light glows green when the lid is down, guiding your posterior ever nearer, safe in the knowledge that you’re not about to meet with cold enamel. When the light turns red you’ll know that the coast is not clear because the loo seat has been left up. Serves as a handy reminder to the boys to be more thoughtful, and a guiding beacon for nocturnal weeing for the whole family.


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