Leather iPod cases

MP3 players

If you’re looking for something that’s going to keep your iPod safe from harm, these leather cases are a pretty good bet. They’re made by Exspect, a company that specialises in cases of all kinds – including CD cases and laptop bags. There’s two versions of the cases available. The EX500 has a gun metal finish and costs £19.99, while the EX510 has a black leather finish and will set you back £29.99. The front face plate of the case is detachable so you can get at the control wheel. The company also makes a case for iPod minis. It’s a similar design to the standard cases, but you can choose from a choice of blue, pink, green and silver lanyards so you can match it to your iPod. Obviously, the company has decided that there’s not enough people buying the gold one to make it worth their while making a strap to match that.


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