i-Station iPod speakers

MP3 players

Logic3 has rocked the boat a little with its iPod speaker system – it’s gone and stuck a hyphen in between the i and the Station. Still, that’s the only even slightly controversial aspect of the i-Station speaker set, with the colour and design very much in keeping with the Apple ethic (even if those buttons do look a little clunky next to iPod’s lovely smooth touch wheel). The speakers will set you back £59.99 and include a subwoofer and 3D surround sound. The dock will work with both iPod and iPod mini players and will recharge batteries as it goes. If you fancy doing a bit of old-style ghetto blaster shoulder-holding, the unit can be powered by four AA batteries and it weighs 400g so you shouldn’t be crippled after a day of carrying (just deaf). The speaker set can be synchronised with your PC or Mac via USB and FireWire and will also work with other music players such as MP3, MiniDisc and CD players.

Available on the high street soon.

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